Custom tailored to fit any Health & Fitness Organization

Gympal lets you track your members’ health, attendance, payments and even workouts and much more so you will never miss any important details. It is designed to work with any kind of fitness institutions, gyms, martial artist classes, yoga classes or anything to do with fitness.

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Member Management

Track health, payments, progress, attendance and workouts. You can monitor all members and take decisions effectively.

Payments Management

Get insights on all transactions in the gym. Your members will be reminded automatically if they haven't paid fees.

Attendance Management

Track all visits to your gym; get notified of unpaid member visits. Use member's QR Code to track attendance.

Workouts Management

Forget papers. You can add all your precious workouts into gympal and assign them to any member you want.

Members' Application

All of your members get a free mobile application to interact with the gym and to check their progress.


Got anything to say to all members in the gym? Forget phone calls, send it to all members with just a button click.

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Mobile Application for Members

All of your members will be entitled to download and use Gympal Mobile Application for free. Features of this application includes,

  • Health and Progress Tracking - Track BMI, BMR, Ideal Water Intake, Target Weight and Body Statistics.
  • Payments - Payment reminders and history of transactions done with the gym.
  • Attendance - History of visits to the gym.
  • Announcements - Announcements from gym.
  • Workouts - View workouts assigned by the gym.
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Automatic Payment Reminders

Too friendly to ask for gym fees? No worries, Gympal got you covered. Gympal sends out Payment reminders via SMS messages and push notifications to all unpaid members in the gym so your members never miss to pay another fee.

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Screenshot of the Workout Feature

Organize your workouts in a paperless way, never lose another workout.

All your workouts can be stored in the Gympal Workout Service. So you will never bother finding a missing piece of paper. You can assign the workout to any number of members anytime you want and your members will receive the workout instantly. You will always know, who uses which workout putting you always in the know of every member's routine.

  • Add any number of workouts.
  • Assign Workout to any number of members.
  • Keep track of who uses which workout.
  • Members can view workout through Gympal Mobile App.

Detailed information on individual members for a bespoke training

Quick glance at an individual member profile will give you a deep insight on what's going on with their progress. Your member will be able to update their progress via the mobile application which you will have access to so you can be stress free trying to remember each member health goals. Through Gympal Member Management dashboard you can filter out all unhealthy members or unpaid members so you can address them immediately. You can address issues in the gym like never before!

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Usage of QR Code Feature in GymPal

Forget expensive ID card or fingerprint machines, QR Code to the rescue.

Gympal is equipped with QR Code attendance registering so you don't have to spend huge amounts of money on fingerprint or card machines, you only need your webcam! Every member can use their Gympal app to quickly punch their QR Code to the gympal system available in the gym and the member's attendance will be registered instantly to the system.

Pricing anyone can afford

We only charge LKR 30.00 per member monthly.